About Us


President and Founder – Lead Tour Guide

Motorcycling has been my passion for the last 40 years. I find there’s nothing that relieves stress and is more relaxing than getting the wind in your face. The past 30 years of riding have been spent exploring back roads, mountain passes, canyons and those twisty roads in Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, North & South Dakota and Colorado.

It’s my promise to you to provide the most fun-filled, enjoyable and relaxing riding experience that you can imagan. I can always be found leading the pack!


C.F.O and Co-Founder

I took a bet from our son in 2001 that I would probably never follow through and get my motorcycle license endorsement. Boy did he know what he was doing… all I ever need to inspire me is a challenge! I’m sure he never thought that I had ridden motorcycles before he came along, but in my younger days that was an adventure that truly inspired me to ride and see the world like never before. To me, there is nothing else like it! Thanks to some generous and patient friends, I learned to ride.


Then, when I met my husband and the other love of my life, I rode as a passenger for 19 years and as much as I enjoyed that, there was still something missing…
Watching my husband’s eyes light up every time we talked about riding was such an inspiration too! Then one day I thought about what our son had said to me about getting my endorsement and I signed up for the riding course at Harley Davidson. That was it… the moment my tush was in that seat I knew exactly what was missing! The first year I had 3 bikes sitting in our garage! Then I found the dream machine that gave me the freedom to ride many miles at once and keep up with the big boys and girls! A 2009 Ultra Classic TriGlide came into my life and I don’t have to worry about my feet touching the ground or being strong enough to hold it up in a split second – my life changed forever! By far my favorite ride.

I am forever indebted to my husband for opening and holding the doors to so many amazing adventures we have had together and plan to have in our future. I will always be so grateful to Larry for being true to his passion and sharing every second of every journey with me. Because of him and our son, we are truly living a dream!

Our Staff

We will provide you with Tour Guides hand-picked for your comfort, safety and pure enjoyment. Our trusted guides make up a collaboration of many years of riding experience. With that, they are safety oriented and very knowledgeable of the areas you wish to travel. Knowing them personally for many years, we know them as being open to change and new possibilities. You, as the customer, will always be treated with the utmost respect in order to have the most amazing touring experience of your life.